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Bottlenecks to Business Insights

What happens when you stop listening to the loudest voice in the room and start listening to your data?
You can create data-driven strategies that get real results. Find out how:
  • Naturebox increased its conversion rate by 5x in 6 weeks
  • OppLoans eliminated friction in the customer experience
  • CrunchBase provides data visibility across teams

Profiles of Heap Customer Success

Data can provide the insights you need to gain a large competitive advantage. It can help you optimize your conversion rate, find the channels that provide the highest return, and create an army of loyal customers through an impactful brand.

The companies showcased in the e-book Bottlenecks to Business Insights have done just that — they’ve captured and analyzed user behavior data to gain critical insights into their business. And they didn’t stop there: those insights led the way for micro-optimizations that resulted in major ROI in areas across the business.

Thousands of companies choose Heap for automatic, retroactive insights.

Companies like Payless, Microsoft, and Instapage use sources to optimize their customer’s experience.

Read customer stories from Sur La Table, The Atlantic, Instapage, and others

Heap allows us to stop relying on multiple vendors for marketing attribution. We finally have a complete, centralized view of which campaigns were associated with outcomes. We can get granular on who is doing what, when, and how.
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Arvind Ramesh, Data Scientist