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The Death of Web Analytics [as you knew it]

The complexity of customer data has evolved beyond one-size-fits-all. And innovative data teams have taken the mandate to build the infrastructure to make customer data a competitive edge. Learn how.

Table of Contents:

1. Cloud Economics Have Changed Tracking Customer Data
2. Analytics Maturity Curve
3. Core Data Investment = Competitive Advantage
4. Power Business Decisions with Customer Truth
5. Build-Your-Own Customer Data Platform
6. Challenges
7. The Modern Customer Data Architecture
8. How Customer Data as a Service Works

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Companies like Payless, Microsoft, and Instapage use sources to optimize their customer’s experience.

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Heap allows us to stop relying on multiple vendors for marketing attribution. We finally have a complete, centralized view of which campaigns were associated with outcomes. We can get granular on who is doing what, when, and how.
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Arvind Ramesh, Data Scientist